The History

The name Hainan Tea Kopitiam is not new to the local community as it has been in operation since 1950. It all started with the late Mr. Lim, taught by Hainanese cooks from the British colonial era, started serving Hainanese home-town style food and beverages. Operating from a corner of one of the oldest heritage pre-war shops along the 4th mile of Old Klang Road, his humble kopitiam has been a local favorite. Unfortunately, when Mr. Lim passed
away, the kopitiam closed down.

Mr.Lim’s grandson, Pang, inspired to rekindle his grandfather’s legacy, shared his vision with some friends and from there, the new Hainan Tea cafe was born. Located in downtown Kuala Lumpur’s Low Yat Plaza, the first cafe opened for business in 2005. Sinee then, Hainan Tea Cafe (HTC) thas become a recognized Malaysian brand to turn to for Hainanese comfort food, especially its famous secret drink: the Hainan Tea.